Our passion is simple

To help everyone with Tinnitus enjoy a quality lifestyle. Your tinnitus will still there, but we can train your brain to switch attention away from the tinnitus - so you can enjoy silence, sleep well and enjoy simple pleasures like reading, going out for a meal and spending time with your family.

Why did we create Tinnitus Tunes?

We wanted to take the same tools & techniques we use in our physical clinic at the University of Auckland and make them available at an affordable price to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time!

Is it working?

Yes because we now have people from 34 countries using Tinnitus Tunes and we are getting great feedback from our members. We are also chuffed that we have encouraged our clients that come to the physical clinic to also use the online content & people have joined from all over New Zealand and Australia - people who would have found it hard to travel to Auckland.

Yes because we are still helping 80% of people with tinnitus transform their lives.

But, we feel like we are just starting this journey and learning and hopefully improving as we get more experience with having an online content site - so please keep telling us what we can do better.

Who we are:

Clinical Director - Dr Grant D Searchfield

Dr Grant D Searchfield is the co-founder of this content site, the types of sound files and counselling material provided online to our members via this website have been developed and proven clinically over the last 15 years with thousands of patients at the University of Auckland Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic (Dr Searchfield is the Clinical Director at the University Clinic)

Dr Searchfield also has the following tinnitus related roles:

  • 2015-present Scientific committee member: American Tinnitus Association.
  • 2012-14 Chair Organising Committee 8th International TRI Tinnitus Conference, 2014, Auckland.
  • 2011 Member Scientific Committee, International Tinnitus Seminar, 2011, Brazil
  • 2009-present Associate Editor: International Journal of Audiology.
  • 2009-present Member: Governance Board of The University of Auckland Clinics.
  • 2008-2015 Scientific committee member: Tinnitus Research Initiative (Regensberg, Germany).
  • 2005-present International Editorial Associate: Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.

Grant is also a prolific researcher, presenter and author:

(He is actually very modest, so he would not want me to be describing him in this way!)

Dr Searchfield is a leading international tinnitus researcher with many publications over the last 15 years. A small sample of those publications is listed directly below. 

Durai, M., Kobayashi, K., & Searchfield, G. D. ‘A Preliminary Examination of the Roles of Contextual Stimuli and Personality Traits Under the Adaptation Level Theory Model of Tinnitus’, Acta Acustica United with Acustica, 101(3), p543-551, 2015, doi:10.3813/AAA.918851.

Hoare, D.J, Searchfield, G. D, El Refaie, A, Henry, J.A. 'Sound therapy for tinnitus management: practicable options.', Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 25, (1), p62-75, 2014, 10.3766/jaaa.25.1.5.

Spiegel, D. P., Linford, T., Thompson, B., Petoe, M. A., Kobayashi, K., Stinear, C. M., & Searchfield, G. D. ‘Multisensory attention training for treatment of tinnitus’, Scientific Reports Rep, 5, 10802, 2015, doi: 10.1038/srep10802.

Searchfield, G. D. 'Tinnitus what and where: an ecological framework', Frontiers in Neurology, 5, p271, 2014, 10.3389/fneur.2014.00271.

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McNeill, C, Vieira, D, Alnafjan, F, Searchfield, G. D. 'Tinnitus pitch, masking, and the effectiveness of hearing aids for tinnitus therapy', International Journal of Audiology, 51(12):914-919, 2012.

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Peer-reviewed books, book chapters, books edited

Searchfield, G. D. Tinnitus Sound Therapy Options. In The Consumer Handbook on Tinnitus (2nd ed.). In Press: Auricle Ink Publishers, 2015.

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The rest of our small team

Chief Executive - Tom Donaldson

Together with Dr Searchfield, I am a founding director and shareholder of Tinnitus Tunes. To be honest, setting up Tinnitus Tunes was not even on my radar, or life plan. But when Grant told me his vision and how he had wanted to create an "online clinic" for over 5 years, I could not resist helping make his vision come alive. 

Tom at the time was also working at the University of Auckland. 

Membership Services & Support - Helena Morris

Helena has over 10 years experience providing awesome customer service and support to members from all over the world. In addition to helping you with any membership questions, Helena will assist with updating the Tinnitus Tunes content based on feedback and contributions from our worldwide community of clinicians, researchers and academics.

Tinnitus Tunes has also been supported by Auckland UniServices Limited which has responsibility for commercialisation of intellectual property and research on behalf of the University of Auckland. And the University is a shareholder in Tinnitus Tunes.