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The 12 week tinnitus transformation 

You can Train Your Brain and Silence Your Tinnitus Sounds without wasting your money on so called "miracle cures." 

You may have been told that you "just have to live" with your tinnitus. That is simply not true, for 15 years we have helped 80% of people just like you, shift attention away from your tinnitus so you can enjoy silence, sleep better and concentrate at work. Take the Free 5 minute online tinnitus quiz to start the 12 week transformation program.

We will guide you all the way through the process via weekly emails that include case studies, content tailored to suit your personal tinnitus symptoms and cause. Plus a mix of small action steps so you can gradually shift the attention away from your tinnitus sounds. The steps include:

  • Use of positive visualization to picture your new future without tinnitus.
  • Partial masking sound therapy
  • Progressive relaxation therapy to reduce anxiety, stress and improve your sleep.
  • Exercise and the energy from actively listening to the nature around you.
  • Retraining your brain through special sound based exercises so you become less and less aware of your tinnitus.

These techniques have been proven and refined over the last 15 years at the University of Auckland Hearing & Tinnitus.To find out more about the final five action steps complete this simple 5 minute online tinnitus survey


Tinnitus Radio Interview 

Our Clinical Director, Dr Grant Searchfield was interviewed to help bring attention to Tinnitus Awareness week which starts on the 5th February. You can listen to the interview via this link.

Our latest tinnitus case study

 We are very careful about claiming a cure for tinnitus. However, if your tinnitus is caused by an underlying injury - treating that injury can also remove your tinnitus.

Lady with sore neck & tinnitus
Tinnitus Case Study

Find out how physiotherapy helped this lady's tinnitus



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"Just in touch to say that I recently became a member of your Tinnitus Tunes website and wanted to let you know what a wonderful resource I thought it to be. Crammed full of downloadable apps, and information. Very easy to navigate, with access to varying levels of information depending on need. Kind regards, Lea."