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We continue to update our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage based on questions posed to us by people with tinnitus, clinicians, researchers and students – so you may find your question has already been answered.  If not please use the web form to pose a question to our team and we will get back to you as quickly as we can (often it is the next working day). 

Submitting an article, or sharing your research with our community.
Please also use the web form to share information with our member community.

Sharing your personal story with tinnitus
We also love to hear from people that have tinnitus and your feedback on the content we have provided via this member website. 

We are based at Tinnitus Tunes limited, 20 Wellington Road, Waiheke Island 1081, New Zealand

Telephone 64(0)21 399 562. Business Registration number 5590108 in New Zealand