Need an audiologist that understands tinnitus?


Our treatment plan includes encouraging you to see the appropriate clinical specialists depending on the cause and symptoms of your tinnitus.

It could be an audiologist, osteopath or physiotherapist.

If you want help finding someone who understands tinnitus, we might have a recommendation in your geographical area based on feedback from our members. Also, if you have a good experience with a clinician – please let us know and we can share the information with others.



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The power of having an online tinnitus assessment and coaching session


There is clear research evidence that combining online tinnitus assessment & coaching with tinnitus treatment has the biggest impact.

The Tinnitus Tunes treatment reduces stress, anxiety, upper body tension and then uses a series of techniques including using your brain’s natural plasticity to push your tinnitus into the background.

We have teamed up with Tania Linford from Tinnitus Relief to provide the online assessment and coaching. Tania is an audiologist who specialises in the assessment and treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis.



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Like to be part of ground-breaking tinnitus research and clinical trials?

If you are keen to be involved in ground breaking tinnitus research, please do let us know.

We collaborate with the University of Auckland and with other research institutions across the globe for research and tinnitus clinical trials.

As an example, the University of Auckland completed a very successful pilot in 2022 and is planning a large clinical trial and looking for participants in New Zealand and the USA.

We were also contacted recently by a researcher we have worked with before and she is now heading up a tinnitus research study at an American University.