Course 1 - The truth about what causes tinnitus

Our first online course provides an impartial and no-hype explanation of the most common causes of tinnitus. You may be worried that your tinnitus is linked to a serious underlying medical condition, it is possible, but rare. To allay any fears you may have, we cover these rare causes as well.

When you are watching you can download copies of the presentation slides and supporting documents. To help you take control the course also covers:

  • How to get the best results from working with a range of clinical specialists
  • Helping you decide whether hearing aids are a wise investment and what other lower cost hearing technology options exist.
  • An introduction to the five tinnitus treatment techniques included with membership of Tinnitus tunes

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Course 2 - Tune out your tinnitus

Our second, and more advanced course shares the secret to using the brain’s natural plasticity to calm your anxiety and push your tinnitus into the background so you can enjoy peace again.

The course takes you step-by-step through the five Tinnitus Tunes treatment techniques including the 15 days of brain training. By registering you get all the benefits of being a full member of Tinnitus Tunes.

The Tinnitus Tunes treatment approach was developed with the University of Auckland, Hearing & Tinnitus physical clinic over a period of 15 years. We have then enhanced the treatment by co-designing the online approach with members from all around the world. So far over 2,000 people have successfully used our treatment techniques.

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