Better Hearing


better hearingYou may have tinnitus and some loss of hearing and are considering whether to invest in hearing aids.

You may already have hearing aids but are not sure if they are the right type to also help your tinnitus.

In this section we cover both scenarios and discuss lower cost alternatives to traditional hearing aids.

Although many people with tinnitus have some hearing loss, tinnitus does not cause hearing loss. And hearing loss does not cause tinnitus.

Clinical research and our own experience with Tinnitus Tunes members clearly shows hearing aids can help both your hearing and tinnitus (if you have some hearing loss). You can download this presentation to find out more about the benefits of hearing aids.

If you are considering investing in hearing aids, it is important to choose the right style to help your hearing and tinnitus. This article gives you impartial advice on choosing the right type. It also gives guidance on whether to buy a pair or a single hearing aid if you have loss of hearing in only one ear.

Hearing aids can be very expensive although increasing competition is bringing prices down, so make sure to shop around. If you only have mild or moderate hearing loss you should consider specialist hearing buds. You can use our insider tips on lower cost alternatives to traditional hearing aids.

Finally, it is important to remember that most of the tinnitus treatment techniques rely on you being able to use sound therapy-based approaches. We therefore recommend visiting an audiologist and getting your hearing checked before joining Tinnitus Tunes. The information provided above will ensure you are well prepared to get the best outcomes from an appointment.