Peace & Quiet


When we ask our Tinnitus Tunes members what they would like to achieve using our treatment techniques, there are two main responses:

- Be able to enjoy peace & quiet (so they can read a book, listen to music, clearly hear conversations etc.)

- Enjoy a good night’s sleep.

There is good evidence from research completed at the University of Illinois that brain activity is different if you have tinnitus. Please download this research article for more information:

Tinnitus and the overactive mind research article

An important part of our tinnitus treatment is therefore aimed at helping you relax and calming your overactive mind. Unless you reach that state, treatment like brain retraining exercises will not work as well in terms of pushing your tinnitus into the background. Ways to calm your overactive mind include:

  • Listening to relaxing music and partial masking sounds
  • The online course called “relaxation for the over-active mind” which uses a mix of meditation and mindfulness techniques
  • Walks on the beach or in the woods where you enjoy listening to the natural sounds all around you.
  • Some people find exercise helps. For example, swimming or cycling.
  • A good massage
  • Progressive relaxation exercises – this can also help you sleep.