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ASMR Sounds

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is usually experienced as a tingling pleasurable sensation on the skin that normally begins on the scalp, or back of the neck and can then spread down the spine.

ASMR sounds and podcasts are mainly used to help people relax, including assisting you to go to sleep. Our experience is people either like it, or find it boring with nothing much in between - so give it a go.

 If you have the volume down so it is just audible it can also be used to exercise your brain to focus on trying to hear and understand the sound. This may help your tinnitus. Use the links below to experiment with the different sounds.

ASMR Sticky Sounds

ASMR Soccer (with whispering)


ASMR Pencil

ASMR Hair Brushing

ASMR Finger Tapping

ASMR Crunchy Sounds

ASMR sound of crisps

ASMR Recipe (with whispering)

ASMR Page Turning