Step 4 - Brain training for improving tinnitus

A core method of improving your tinnitus is to train your brain to switch attention away from the Tinnitus sound(s) to the natural sounds around you. As part of that process we introduce a range of different types of sounds including; partial masking, relaxing, attention refocus and finally adaptation.

tinnitus brain trainingIn this Brain Training section we introduce you to a specialist treatment we have developed and tested through the Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic and the research team at the University of Auckland. It is called "object Identification and attention training" and in simple terms you listen to a series of short sound clips where you will hear one sound in your left ear, one in your right ear and another in both ears.

You try to identify the name of the sounds and where you heard the sound (which ear, or ears). As you work through the series of exercises your brain has to work harder & harder to detect and identify the sounds as we superimpose other noises that act as a interference, or distraction. Through this process the brain becomes more and more focused on trying to hear and identify the three special sounds and is being retrained to ignore your tinnitus.

We recommend you complete the brain training in 15 separate sessions each of around 20 to 30 minutes over a three week period. We recommend using good quality headphones or earbuds to listen to the individual sound files which are only 20 - 40 seconds long.  If you find using headphones uncomfortable, you can listen using your system's speakers but you will find it harder to identify the direction of the sound. You can download all the sound files from the FidBak audio sharing platform onto your computer, tablet or smartphone. If you prefer you can also stream them direct from FidBak.

We have provided two free sample sound files that are from the early part of the training, so relatively simple examples that will give you a taste for what is involved. The training comes with full written and audio instructions. There are 15 sessions in total available to members. 

Here is a free brain training sound file. And here is the second free brain training sample sound.

 Here you can Download the guide which also includes sheets if you want to record your results. It is not necessary to record the results and some people find doing so distracts them from the exercise.

If you get the name of the sound wrong, or find it difficult to decide the direction of the sound - it does not matter. The benefit is from focusing on the sounds rather than getting them all right.

To be able to access the full 15 days of training you will need to become a Tinnitus Tunes member.

 The Brain Training exercises are stored on a specialist audio sharing platform called FidBak, once you become a member you will be given access.