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Hearing protection

Protect yourself from hearing damage & making tinnitus worse.

Etymotic Research ER20 ETY - Hearing Protection Earplugs


Be able to still hear sounds around you while protecting yourself against potentially damaging high volume sound. Recommended by musicians & sound engineers.

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Etymotic Research ER20XS - Hearing Protection Earplugs with clamshell case

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  • Helps reduce wind noise & noise fatigue, so popular with motor cyclists, or cyclists for wearing under helmets
  • Includes 2 pairs of high fidelity earplugs (standard & large fitting) for adults
  • Also included are a pair of foam ear tips if you need to block overall sound level rather than still clearly hear music & speech but lower the overall sound by around 20 db.
  • Good for wearing to concerts or the movies if you generally find the sound levels over the top.
  • Neat travel clam shell case for travelling


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ME Electronics Audio M6 Pro Noise Insulating Musician's in-ear monitors & ear phones

  • Please click on the product image to order & pay directly on Amazon, USA
  • Designed in collaboration with touring musicians, an all-in-one ear protection & earphone
  • For use on stage, in the gym, on the move and at home
  • Includes two cables, one standard, other with microphone, remote & volume control
  • Designed to lower external noise to enable you to listen to music at lower volumes
  • Includes comply foam tips (to isolate / block noise)
  • In total includes 7 pairs of ear tips so you can choose the right fit for you
  • In addition to the standard 3.5 mm stereo plug, there is a 1/4 inch, 6.3 mm adaptor
  • Includes hard clamshell carry case with zip fastening
  • Good choice to limit risk of noise induced hearing loss, or tinnitus while also enabling ability to listen to quality sound.

$0.00 Available