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Headphones & Earphones

Essential for listening to your tinnitus tunes sound library

Etymotic Research MC5 Noise Isolating in-ear Earphones

  • Click on the product image to order & pay direct through Amazon USA
  • High degree of noise isolation enables listening to music at lower volumes which enhances the quality of experience while also protecting against prolonged noise induced loss of hearing & tinnitus
  • Pack includes range of ear tip options to help ensure a proper fit & comfort
  • Kevlar reinforced cable for durability
  • Product has 2 year warranty
  • While we normally recommend headphones for listening to the Tinnitus Tunes sound library these ear phones are good option for travelling or when you want something less obtrusive.
  • Can be useful for children that find surrounding noise distracting in a classroom or canteen environment.


$0.00 Available

Sennheiser RS195 Wireless Headphones

  • Cliick on the product image to order and pay directly via Amazon in the USA
  • Very high quality sealed, closed back style wireless headphones
  • Listen to the TV at whatever volume you want without other people having to listen at the same volume
  • Listen to your saved music and the sounds you have downloaded from the tinnitus tunes library
  • You can adjust the balance of sound between your left & right ear as required
  • Headphones are stored and recharge on the cradle / docking system
  • Wireless range is up to 100 meters
  • Supplied with 4 types of power adapter to suit the USA, UK, Europe & Australia /NZ

$0.00 Available

Philips SHS 4840/28 Ear hook Headphones

  • Please click on the product image to order and pay for the product directly at Amazon, USA
  • Contoured ear hook makes sure the headphones stay in your ear when you are on the move
  • You can also adjust the fit to suit your head & ear shape
  • Bass beat vents allow air movement to maximise the sound quality.


$0.00 Available

ME Electronics Audio M7P Secure-Fit Sports In-Ear Headphones

  • Please click on the product image to order & pay directly on Amazon, USA
  • Cable includes microphone, remote & volume control
  • Compatible with Android & iPhone smartphones, MP3 players, computers & tablets
  • Pivoting ear nozzles help ensure comfort & best fit.
  • Carrying case comes with a choice of 4 ear tips to choose your best fit

$0.00 Available