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Step 4 - A new future

Helping your patients create a new future without tinnitus

We are always careful to say we cannot cure tinnitus, but there are many examples where an underlying medical condition is resolved and the patient's tinnitus disappears. Examples include:

  • treatment for neck, head and back injuries
  • treatment for jaw problems
  • in some cases a change of medication.

The other major breakthrough is the use of Brain Training sound therapy which takes advantage of the brain's plasticity to "rewire" the brain so it no longer pays any attention to the tinnitus. In this situation the tinnitus is still present, but the patient is no longer aware of the tinnitus noises (blissful silence).

The Brain Training does not work for everyone, but our clinical experience over the last 15 years shows that around 80% of patients find it accelerates the habituation process significantly. The Brain Training takes 15 daily sessions each around 30 minutes in duration.  Find out more via this link

Ideally patients should not dive straight into the Brain Training. To get maximum effect they should take the small action steps that form part of the 12 week tinnitus transformation program we have discussed earlier. We provide members of Tinnitus Tunes with a member's guide that is structured into a series of actions each week for 12 weeks. Here is an example of the member's guide

The guide is frequently updated so the live version may differ somewhat from the example provided here.