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Step 4 - Create a New Future with Sound Therapy

What is it and does it work?

Following changes in our ear activity our brain tries to make sense of the new sounds. It pays extra attention and becomes focused on the tinnitus sounds and amplifies the tinnitus making it worse for you.

"Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace" quote by R J Sawyer.

Sound therapies work by getting the brain to refocus on and become accustomed to a "neutral" sound that we introduce through the on-line sound therapy.Through this technique the brain "learns" to ignore the tinnitus, this is sometimes described as taking advantage of "plasticity" or "rewiring" of the brain.

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The auditory pathways need to be stimulated (exercised using sound) by you introducing new sounds (sound therapy) through the use of an MP3 player & headphones, your computer, your smartphone or by actively listening to the natural sounds surrounding you. 



This compensates for the under stimulated areas in the cochlea (part of your hearing pathway) and diverts attention away from the tinnitus.

The approach and the type of sounds included within this content website are based on over 15 years of research and successful treatment of tinnitus with thousands of patients at the University of Auckland Hearing & Tinnitus Clinic. The most effective sounds will differ from person to person, so we offer a large range of treatment sounds. There are no hard and fast rules on which sounds will work best for you, but our sound therapy approach is based on using a combination of four techniques that cover:

  • Detection control (your awareness of the tinnitus)
  • Relaxation
  • Attention refocussing including tinnitus brain retraining 
  • Adaptation 

We will explain each of these approaches in more detail and also describe how to use a combination of this content site and support from an audiologist (particularly one with a strong interest in tinnitus). To take full control of your tinnitus please go to the Sound Therapy - 4 Techniques page via this link. Please note you will need to become a member to have access to all the material and the link to finding out more about becoming a member is provided at the end of the next paragraph.

You will also need to be a member to work through the four techniques in the sound therapy approach. As a Tinnitus Tunes member, you will have ongoing access to the latest sound files plus all the other new content provided not only by our core team, but also contributed by leading clinicians and researchers from around the world. Become a Tinnitus Tunes Member Now

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